First Metric Century

Last week I set out to do 100 km/63 miles on my bike. I’ve been doing longer rides on the weekend in preparation for my 100 mile ride on Sept 22.

I left the house at 9:30 am, and 4 hours later I was back.  It was an amazing day for riding. A few clouds in the sky, and not too hot. I picked a long road which would allow me to ride longer without stopping or worrying about when to turn.

The first half of the ride was much more difficult than I was expecting.  I was averaging about 15-16 mph, which felt slow.  I was expected to average closer to 18-19 mph. However, the wind was pushing hard.

Once I came to the end of the road, at about 30 miles, I turned around and headed back home. At this point I was very tired and exhausted.  I took it easy for a few minutes and ate a Clif Bar.  Now that I had the wind to my back, it was a much easier ride.  I quickly brought my average speed up closer to 17 mph, and enjoyed the easy ride for the next 20 miles.

These last 13 miles were the most difficult.  I was tired, fatigued and hungry.  I took a short break to eat, drink and let my heart rate slow. Hopped back on the bike and rode the last few miles slower than I wished. Finally making it home in just under 4 hours with an average 16.3 mph. I was worn out!

I did, however, get a top 10 spot on a segment! I was not expecting this at all.  It’s always good to get a top 10 spot and see my progress on every ride.

Thanks for reading!

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